Two Substacks …

… dealing with two lines of inquiry.

The first deals with writing. Book reviews, comments on long-format television drama and other writing – and my own writing. It’s called Don Nordberg (is/on) writing:

It builds on my long interest in literature, my (new, second) PhD from the University of Exeter, and the fiction and other writing I plan to publish.

The second deals with governance, corporate and otherwise. It’s called:

It builds on longstanding interests in politics, organizations and ethics and my (older, first) PhD from the University of Liverpool, as well as my continuing work on the boards of two large charities, one in social care, the other in the performing arts.

Both contain short analyses with links to further materials online. Subscribe! They’re free. You’ll get updates about one a week. Both are open to comments and debates.

A ‘new corporate landscape’?

In a review of a new book, I examine the proposition that corporations occupy a bigger part of the landscape of political economy. Alexander Styhre makes a combined historical and contemporary case for it in his The New Corporate Landscape: Economic Concentration, Transnational Governance, and the Corporation. But after covid and then the war in Ukraine, in which states reasserted control over our lives, I ask:

“Is the book … accidentally an anachronism? And does its analysis matter to organizations themselves and the scholars who study them? The answers to those questions are No and Yes, though we need to use Styhre‚Äôs insights as prompts to think beyond the scope of his work.”

You can read the rest in the journal Organization Studies. There’s also a version in the repository at Bournemouth University.