Academic books

The Cadbury Code and Recurrent Crisis
Palgrave Macmillan, 2020
Corporate Governance: Issues and Principles
Sage: 2011

Chapters contributed to books

Chapter 18: A pragmatist case for thoughtfulness and experimentation in corporate governance. In T. Talaulicar (Ed.), Research Handbook on Corporate Governance and Ethics (pp. 310-327). Cheltenham, Glos.: Edward Elgar.

Chapter 4 – Liminality, purpose, and psychological ownership: Board decision practices as a route to stewardship. In O. Marnet (Ed.), Research Handbook on Corporate Board Decision-Making (pp. 41-62). Cheltenham, Glos.: Edward Elgar.
Chapter 3, “Corporate Governance and the Board”
Springer, 2011
Chapter 10, “Unfettered Agents? The Role of Ethics in Corporate Governance”
Chapter 21, “Politics of Shareholder Activism”
Wiley, 2010
Higher Education: Issues In Teaching And Academic Writing
Chapter 10, “Fairness in Assessing Group projects”
IUP Press, Bangalore, 2009
Chapter 3, “Knowledge Management: Revisiting the ‘ba’ Humbug”
IUP Press Bangalore, 2009