The experience of ‘ownership’ at charity boards

Charities don’t have “owners”. Nor do corporations, if you consider how limited shareholder rights are, compared with owning a car or a pair of shoes. Yet the experience of board work at charities has left me with a sense of ownership – psychological ownership – that arose before I was even invited to join the board. In a new article at Management Research Review, I explore this feeling of attachment, and how it differs profoundly from the sort of “stewardship” now expected of institutional investors in listed companies. See also

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Donald Nordberg

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2 thoughts on “The experience of ‘ownership’ at charity boards”

  1. Hello Donald .. how are you? I hope all is well ..
    This article looks really interesting .. but I can’t work out how to find it to read it ! Is there a link or reference I could follow up?
    You might remember that I am chair of a small educational charity .. a single academy school. ..
    hope all is safe and well
    Best wishes Barras

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